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EC Comp Coach, NCCP 3, fmr PNH professional

Brenda had a love of horses from a very young age, sneeking over to the neighbours so she could pet the pony. When she finally got her first horse she knew that she was hooked for life. It was with this beloved Palamino that she learned the value of relationship with her equine.

Brenda started out boarding like most horse owners do. She learned about facility management and first aid. In 1991 she finally had a place of her own to manage and grow.

At this time Brenda learned a lot by reading books from the greats of the equine industry such as Sally Swift, Walter Zettl, Jane Kidd and many others.  She applied all she had adsorbed reading and rereading her books then went out and practiced on the sandy side road. Once she discovered the works of John Lyons and Pat Parelli, it furthered her understanding of relationship and connection with her equines.

In May 1992, Brenda became a Licensed & Certified Competition Coach with Equestrian Canada.  Her experience also expanded into the hunter and dressage arena too.

She took equine studies through Guelph University where there was deeper studies regarding facility management and nutritional ration balancing for her horses. Brenda knew that coaching was way more than just knowing horses but training people and athletes. She obtained her certification in N.C.C.P 3 at Brock U. and she implemented that training in all rider levels.

After many years of teaching all age levels, breaking and training horses and taking students to local shows, Brenda became a licensed Parelli Professional. This gave her many quality connections in the horse industry and Brenda decided to pursue Parelli education for personal use at the higher levels.

Brenda values all of the knowledge she has gained over the years and knows that there are many methods that work depending on the personality of the horse. She now focuses on helping horse owners with their equine partners and training future coaches through the EC program.

All of Brenda's dreams have come true and she feels blessed to have had a life filled with equine companions, learning and teaching. Her newest adventure is using online means to continue to educate horse owners.  

Over the years ...

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