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Invest in your success by getting more experience in a testing situation!

Why am I making this opportunity available?  I have recently completed certification as a Provincial Judge.  I need to develop my timing, my critical assessment skills and acquire a solid knowledge of each test and level.


The benefits are reciprocal and that's why there is NO CHARGE for your registration.


The number of rides is limited to allow more participants, however, that may vary depending on the responses received for each date.  If time allows, additional test rides may be permitted.

Dressage Snoopy.jpg


Judged Rides

  • Dressage & Western Style available

  • No competition pressure

  • Great if you want to 'TRY' Dressage

  • Choice of two tests or repeat test

  • Feedback & Suggestions from Judge

  • Watch others & Learn by Repetition

  • Western Style Dressage or Start Your English horse in Dressage

  • You can expose your horse and yourself to a variety of venues

  • You get positive feedback in discussion with the judge

  • You have the opportunity to ask questions

  • You can dress in training attire

2021 Dates

  • Dates Cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions

Training, Introductory, 1st & 2nd Level, 3rd & 4th Level by request

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