Results & Comments:


I feel less anxiety

"I am incredibly impressed with the communication that I am learning with Taima ... I feel less anxiety when handling her which is exactly the result I wanted."



It feels good to do it myself

"The first time wearing the bridle ... So proud. It feels good to do it myself ... we will have better communication and bond in the long run and it is so enjoyable."


Pilot 2020 (2).jpg

Building a stronger bond

"I've improved my communication with Piiot and am building a stronger bond with him ... we've had a couple of very scary incidents ... but we're on our way to gaining confidence and relaxation."


Patti and Lady.jpg

I've been having breakthroughs

"Lady and I have achieved a connection that works. She has taught me to read Lady’s eyes and body language. For me to let Lady process. I have come to find it’s about you and how you communicate with your horse. Lady is happy and giving and we are living our best partnership." 

"I've been having breakthroughs with Lady - staying with me at liberty in trot going both ways!

I'm learning to give the right directions.


Is it unrealistic for you to think that if you had the right guidance, the right help and your own time-line, that you could achieve a training outcome with your horse?


  • feeling confident - not afraid

  • proud - not embarrassed

  • purpose driven - not overwhelmed

  • respected & understood

  • connected & a good leader

  • accomplished - because your personal pathway is getting you to your goals

Often women horse owners are:

  • discouraged - horses push their space

  • not having fun & think they need a trainer

  • horses aren't "listening" - creating fear & confidence issues

  • face an overload of content and they are not sure how to apply it

  • some are even ready to give up


I hope that's not you.

BUT IF YOU CAN RELATE ... as a women horse owner with an uncooperative and disrespectful horse (at least it FEELS that way) I encourage you - there is hope.


When you are properly mentored, supported, encouraged and celebrated you are able to close the gap and achieve your goals.

If you DON'T get the right help for you and your horse:

  • you may waste another riding season searching for help

  • attempt methods which may not be the right ones for your current journey

  • doubt will have you wondering when you will ever achieve

  • end up running rabbit trails that don't work UGH!

  • live with uncertainty, discouragement, or possible failure

The GAP is real - between where you are and what you want to achieve!

"I've been there!  Years ago I had a gap and I was always asking "How do I get there from here?"  

I've spent the past 30+ years learning from clinicians, going to multi-week courses and investing in a LOT of information AND putting it into practice that became an amazing horse experience.

Finally, I closed that gap and achieved more with all of my horses than I had even imagined was possible when I started.

That's why I know that you can change your outcomes with these strategies and skills IF you are ready for a solution."          Brenda Robson

Is it crazy for you to want to advance your skills and achieve your dreams?


I started this membership to help my clients during the Covid 19 shutdowns so that I could continue to support and serve them and their horses.  Their progress continued through 2020. 

The membership is reopening in 2021 because I now know I can help more women horse owners who want to understand their horse better and accomplish their goals  even on an internet platform.


  • Personalizing your best pathway to your goal

  • Staying connected

  • Responding to your feedback quickly

  • Addressing exactly where you are struggling

  • Cheering and acknowledging your successes

Unlike traditional methods that use restraints and coercion to achieve a physical outcome, 


  • you learn how COMMUNICATION helps your horse understand you

  • you learn how to get horses to easily connect and willingly cooperate

Your horse becomes more CALM - RESPECTFUL - ENJOYABLE

on this pathway to mental and emotional stability.

YOU CAN confidently become your horses own PERSONAL TRAINER and will be better prepared for ride trails, negotiating obstacles, competing

and improve experiences with the farrier, first aid and veterinary visits.


LESS THAN the price of a weekly lesson!

Membership Re-Opens SOON

But first ... give it a try by joining the waitlist.

Be among the first to get started on your personal pathway to a great memory building horse relationship.

Special Anniversary Pricing is

$35.00 CND monthly

Your membership price is lifetime capped - it will not go up as long as your remain a member in good standing.

When you join the waitlist you will be invited to the FREE

Get Started Mini Course

A starting point for your journey to a great equine relationship.  FREE!  as a bonus for just being curious and interested.

"By doing the ground work

I gained even more confidence."

I was nervous but after a few lessons I started to gain confidence. Learning how to control and guide a horse helped me become calmer and more centred in my everyday life. It was a great outlet. Learning how to get a horse to move with only my focus and intent helped me understand nature and how amazing the human energy is. 


By doing the ground work I gained even more confidence. The most important thing I noticed was how awesome being able to lead a horse at liberty and doing it safely.  It helped me understand energies and the spacial bubble people and animals have. Energies are very important and where you direct that energy is even more important. Learning to focus and having intent for that energy was fascinating.


I haven’t done lessons in a while but I feel like the longer I have had this knowledge the more I understand it. I feel like I could get right back into it and be pretty good. The more I think about it the more interesting it is. 

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This information will work for you and your horse!

Grab these KEY points to get you started.

FEEL some success and EXPERIENCE progress right away.


Put it on your Calendar - grab a notebook/pen

I can't wait to see you there.