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Building a stronger bond

"I've improved my communication with Piiot and am building a stronger bond with him ... we've had a couple of very scary incidents ... but we're on our way to gaining confidence and relaxation."


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Helping Horse Owners Confidently Achieve Their Horsemanship Goals

Brenda Robson

Mutual Respect Connections

Discover how you can change your horse from intimidating and frustrating to calm and cooperative so that you maximize safety and confidence for you both.

If your horse has high energy, is pushy or crowding on lead or has disrespectful behaviors that shake your confidence and you doubt your ability to ride safely or wonder if you even have the right horse, then

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MUTUAL RESPECT is the most efficient way to modify your horses' behavior so that you BOTH ...PROGRESS MORE QUICKLY WITHOUT FRUSTRATION, INTIMIDATION or FEAR

Is Your Horse giving you problems?     New Horse not settling in?

IMAGINE being ...

  • confident - not afraid

  • happy - not disheartened

  • purpose driven - not overwhelmed


I feel less anxiety

"I am incredibly impressed with the communication that I am learning with Taima ... I feel less anxiety when handling her which is exactly the result I wanted."


Achieving change can happen MORE QUICKLY and MORE EASILY than you think. 

YOUR CHANGE happens when ...

  • your horse respects & understands you

  • your horse is attentive & willing

  • you are a good leader & decision maker

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"By doing the ground work

I gained even more confidence."

It helped me understand energies and the spacial bubble people and animals have. Energies are very important and where you direct that energy is even more important. Learning to focus and having intent for that energy was fascinating.


FEAR is detrimental to learning but learning really occurs when you ACT!


  • become accomplished as we create a personal pathway to your goals

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I've been having breakthroughs

"Lady and I have achieved a connection that works.  I have come to find it’s about you and how you communicate with your horse. Lady is happy and giving and we are living our best partnership." 


It's time to transform you & your horse for positive, long-lasting results.


It feels good to do it myself

"The first time wearing the bridle ... So proud. It feels good to do it myself ... we will have better communication and bond in the long run and it is so enjoyable."


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