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Windhurst is proud to offer and host a variety of clinics throughout the year covering topics about Horsemanship, Trailer Loading, Trail Riding, Western Performance, Improving your Equine Relationship and more.



Brenda is available for Workshops

Intimate small groups of max. 6 participants to address topics that many horse owners have wanted answers for over the years.

  • Understand Your Horse Better

  • Improve Your Communication

  • Maximize Your Enjoyment

  • Expand Your Creativity

Dates and topics are posted on the workshops page.

Dressage Snoopy.jpg
Dressage Test Practice

Invest in your success by getting more experience in a testing situation!

I have recently completed certification as a Provincial Judge.  I need to develop my timing, my critical assessment skills and acquire a solid knowledge of each test and level. The benefits are reciprocal and that's why there is NO CHARGE for your registration.

Dates and levels available are posted on dressage practice tests page.





We provide an atmosphere where natural horsemanship is both encouraged and supported.

All our assistance must have a working ability at the minimum of Parelli On-Line savvy level one. This ensures that your horsemanship is supported during turnout/in and feeding times. When you entrust your horse to our care you can be confident that the appropriate communication which builds your horse’s trust and confidence is being maintained.

More information about boarding is available on the boarding page.

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Brenda is available to private or semi-private lessons with you and your horse. You can trailer into Windhurst, bring your horse in for boarding and lessons or have her travel to you. 

Whatever environment you prefer for your lessons, Brenda looks forward to helping you achieve your goals and enjoy your equine companion for years to come.

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