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Discover what is REALLY keeping you from riding the trails and enjoying your horse in the BIG WIDE OPEN!



Finally resolve unwanted behaviors and establish calm behaviors any where you choose!

When your horse feels out of control do you experience ...

...uncontrollable energy, jigging, crowding other horses or disrespectful behavior and it is ignoring you?

If you had to dismount?  Could remount easily?


Has your confidence been shaken and perhaps you doubt your ability?

Or maybe ... wonder if you even have the right horse and even consider quitting.

Nothing is worse than feeling out of control on the trail because when your horse is out of control the worst can happen!

When horses crowd and start to kick other riders and their horses can get injured ... or you may even get kicked by another horse.


If your horse bolts you could have a horrible fall BUT if you try to hold your horse back ... you could end up in a bucking fight you can't win.
When your horse refuses to calmly negotiate the trails can escalate your emotions of

  • confusion - Why is this happening?

  • anger - that the horse just won't do what you want.

  • fear - what could happen next

  • embarrassment - thoughts of ruining the ride for others

Horses won't go forward, turn back, are determined to rush home, you feel out of control ... because YOU ARE!




The strategic plan that liberates you from the confines of the ring and gets you out into the BIG WIDE OPEN!

WHEN Your Horse gives you problems ... rides can feel more like trials?

IMAGINE being ...  

  • confident - not afraid

  • happy - not disheartened

  • purpose driven - not overwhelmed

YOUR CHANGE happens when ...

  • your horse respects & understands you

  • your horse is attentive & willing

  • you are a good leader & decision maker

FEAR is detrimental to learning

but when you have a PLAN and TAKE ACTION

then fear can be overcome ...

... MORE QUICKLY and EASILY than you think. 

"I feel less anxiety"

I am incredibly impressed with the communication that I am learning with Taima ... I feel less anxiety when handling her which is exactly the result I wanted.


"I've been having breakthroughs"

Lady and I have achieved a connection that works.  I have come to find it’s about you and how you communicate with your horse. Lady is happy and giving and we are living our best partnership. 


"By doing the ground work

I gained even more confidence."

It helped me understand energies and the spacial bubble people and animals have. Energies are very important and where you direct that energy is even more important. Learning to focus and having intent for that energy was fascinating.


"His and my confidence is soo much better!!"

All that work with you has paid off with both riding and driving!  He is much calmer and I can't think of any pull back incidents since I last saw you!


Happy Horse Owners are reporting their success

with strategies you can use to improve your trail ride experience.


Master each of the 8 checkpoints and create your path ...

1.  Get A Better Understanding of your Horse

Learn practical ground work exercises and reveal the behaviors you will encounter on the trails.


2.  Build Strong Connection with your Horse

Achieve less reactivity, less resistance and MORE willing cooperation using exercises that develop communication.

3.  Strengthen the Positive by Moving Outside

A new environment occurs every 10' when you adventure out on the trails.  Choose the best exercises from the safety of the ground to help you see the causes and the results of your choices.


4.  Overcome Resistance in 'the Zones'

Develop a simple map and increase your ability to explore new areas when riding in semi-familiar territory.  This is where you will deal with common problems like: Buddy-Sour, Grass Eating, Rushing to get home.​

5.  Destination Points & Rewards

Strategize how to set yourself and your horse up for success.  Develop your ability to see and implement the best choices.

6.  Power Over Surprises

Start small and build your ability to be appropriately effective in a moments notice.

7.  Mastery in the Saddle

Transfer your ground skills, exercise experience, mental acuity and motor skills to the saddle, in ways that don't escalate a situation. 

8.  Explore Trails in the Big Wide Open

How to safely venture out into unexplored areas with confidence, awareness, and your new skills to achieve the goal you desire.

IF you are already riding and your horse is trained, then what you still need is to ...

  • understand your horse

  • help it to trust your leadership

  • know what, when and how to keep a connection​

You DO Have Other Options

"Hey!  What's going to happen if you don't build trust and confidence using a DO-ABLE plan personalized for your level of skill?"

You might say, "Let's see how it goes!" as you hope for the best ride ever ... but you spend the whole time managing problems?

You could take your chances and eventually get injured.  A vest and a helmet will help to minimize the physical  impact of a fall but what about - yikes, NEXT TIME!???

The CONSEQUENCES of the wrong solution for you and your horse could cost you your DREAMS ... Or WORSE!

Consider also the cost of missed adventures and the social enjoyment.  It's hard to say NO to those fun-filled days.


Accepting an offer to ride someone else's horse leaves you more aware of your lack of training, confidence and experience.


Perhaps you are groups to feel safer.  Have you realized that your horse is going along with a herd of horses and getting herd cues from them?

What if the herd vibes get out of control suddenly?

REMEMBER, a horse is a pleasure and recreational investment and who doesn't want to make the BEST investment ever?

You may have the "your best horse" right in your own barn today!  Isn't it worth building your own personal lifetime relationship with it - you can't do that by proxy.

How will you feel a year from now ... another riding season wasted, friendships dissolve, trips are missed, your personal training is still undeveloped and unachieved?  Let's not find out.

But many horse owners like yourself may start thinking their horse needs more training so they choose this option.

HIRE A TRAINER to get the 'bugs' worked out ... but you know what that entails!

High costs: $800 - $1,200/month and maybe this will expand to a 90 day plan for your horse.

You don't get the training YOU NEED to carry on when your horse comes home because ... Trainers train horses NOT people!

Separation: sending your horse somewhere

Added Expenses:  transport fees, your travel costs to visit training sessions

Scary Unknowns:  you lose control of your horse's care and well being leaving you worrying about how it is coping.

This option is the most expensive one and you still have to maintain the training once your horse is home again. 

If the horse is away at the trainers, you are not improving with your horse and that has to happen when it comes home. 

Did you know that a horse will regress in its training on average in 6 months?  You could be back at zero for next season.  Money wasted, time slipped away, confident relationship unrealized and your horse's training time goes unused.

Ask yourself ... Can I do what the hired trainer did as well as they did and do it with confidence to prevent backsliding?

IF your answer is not a firm yes! ... you need the


Choose to INVEST in your future rides!


8 MODULES         $297.00 CND

Approx Conversions:  US $221  Euro $201  Aust. $ 330   NZ $356

Module 1:  Understand Your Horse Ground Exercises

Module 2:  Build a Strong Connection

Module 3:  Positive Connection Outside

Module 4:  Overcome Resistance

Module 5:  Destination Points & Rewards

Module 6:  Power over Surprises

Module 7:  Mastery from the Saddle

Module 8:  Move into the Big Wide Open


Includes Chapters on Important Topics! 

  1. Traffic Wisdom

  2. Emergency Planning

  3. Natural Trail Obstacles

  4. Managing Group Dynamics

  5. Enjoying Stopovers

Are you ready to RIDE WITH CONFIDENCE?


Lesson PDF for each exercise   $250 value

Trail Guide Book $20.00 value


Strategic BIG WIDE OPEN Planning Guide  $30.00 value

5 Basic Habits - Proven Foundation Building     $47 value

8 WEEKLY GROUP Mastermind Sessions   $ 800 value

Meet up with the group and ask for help, make suggestions and celebrate successes. 

Private FB Group

Open discussions with people moving in the same direction - the dream of confident trail rides.

LIFETIME ACCESS Your 24/7/365 resource and all the above bonuses  $1,450.00


Try the course with your horse 

and if you are not satisfied that it will work for you

let me know within 10 days for a 100%  money back guarantee


WHY is this offer such and awesome entry price?

... because it is the first run of my pilot program for a limited time at

ONLY $297.00

Benefits of getting this pilot program now ... besides the great price are

  • you have more contact and conversation with me during the program

  • you have the opportunity to share what you REALLY need in terms of learning

  • your input will direct the course of the program so that it meets your personal needs

  • you will explore and report on the best features of this offer and advise on the bonuses too

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Benjamin Franklin

I bring you the inspiration and education and you are the ONLY ONE who can bring the persistence and determination.

This is a Learn By Doing program.  As you get to know your horse more clearly and yourself more deeply you will find your way to confidence at your own pace.  It is important that you interact with myself and the group to open up and grow.  Remember always that working with a horse can be a risky endeavor and you must trust your instincts, taking only the steps you can when you are ready AND follow a safe and steady  process.

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