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Personalized Virtual Riding & Training Services


Consultation Call

Why not connect for a FREE

15 min. call?

Let's talk about your horse, your goals and where you are at right now!

When we talk you will get a feel for my ethics, training perspectives and easily decide on what learning experience is best for you.


Virtual Lessons

You know what your challenges are already!

It is either a problem with your horse or your desire to improve as a rider - OR BOTH!

You and your horse are a TEAM after all, right?

Find out how virtual lessons could work for you!


Mentored Packages

If you know what target you are heading towards - say, 3 months from now, then a Mentoring package is your support process.  Not only will you keep your progress moving along BUT ALSO you will be supported in completing the lessons and working through the road blocks that come up.  Get the personal guidance to make the necessary adjustments at the right time.

This Virtual Learning Platform provides access to a professional coach who will guide you in the advancement of your riding skills and horsemanship journey.

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