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Personalized Virtual Learning

is really a great way to advance your riding/training.


Maybe even better than

In-Person lessons.




Virtual Lessons will work for you if ...

You like a record of your lesson and feedback from your personal coach

You are a visual and/or auditory learner and repeat viewing and hearing help to anchor the information

You value exploring the nuances of the lesson feedback through personal practice time

You appreciate the feedback content of the coach for referral and confirmation of your progress

Individual Lesson
$80.00 per submission

Detailed review of yourself for rider improvement

Detailed review of your horse as you ride the movements and exercises

Feedback of changes you can implement to advance yourself - an exercise with details to practice

Feedback of changes to implement to develop the horse and improve the execution of the movement or exercise

PDF or Audio for you to refer to as you practice and improve

Parallel Lines

A Mentoring Package will work best for you if ...

You appreciate having more access to your professional coach to guide you to achieve your Ideal Performance State (IPS)

You benefit from a prepared plan outlining steps and milestones to mark your progress:  A Personalized Training Plan (PTP)

You want to share your insights and thoughts as you move through the stages of development and desire validation, expert insight and advise in specific areas

Your target goal has a specific date of achievement:  show date or examination dates for example 

Monthly Pkg.

3 Month Goal Targeting Pkg.
(12 WEEKS)

  • 4  Video Reviews

  • 4 Audio Feedback

  • 4 PDF or Download

  • 4 Weekly 30 min consulting calls

  • Initial Evaluation of competition preparation


  • Assigned Exercise Plan to develop competition requirements


  • Weekly Video Reviews to assess your progress

  • Weekly Detailed Feedback on submitted videos

  • PDF or Download or Audio on exercises and/or video commentaries

  • 12 Weekly 30 min consulting calls

  • PLUS Personalized Strategic Plans 

          to prepare you for Competition 

IPS - for your inner self

PTP - schedule plan

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