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  • Understand Your Horse Better

  • Improve Your Communication

  • Maximize Your Enjoyment

  • Expand Your Creativity

How to Participate

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Bring your donation cheque (MADE PAYABLE TO THE CHARITY OF CHOICE LISTED BELOW) to the workshop and I will submit them to the charity with your name, address and contact information.

Each month, Windhurst will mail the collected cheques to the charities.

None of the monies collected will be used by Windhurst as revenue, nor will taxes apply.  Each charity explains its own reporting responsibilities and their process for issuing your tax receipts.


A $56/PERSON DONATION - given to one of the charities!

Your collected cheques will go DIRECTLY to one of the Charities Listed.

You receive the FULL BENEFIT of a Charitable Tax Receipt from the charity of your choice.

The Charities supported are highly reputable.  Each one is dear to my heart and serve the needs of children and communities around the world.

The simple answer is:  BECAUSE I WANT TO and I CAN

I am in a unique situation, blessed with an equestrian education, a venue setup for instruction and the free time to "give back" to anyone who wants to explore the natural of horsemanship, advance their skills coinciding with the EC Rider levels, and learn to be better by overcoming struggles and make breakthroughs.

Why I do this?

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2021 Charities

There are so many needs to be met all over the world and Canadians are so blessed to be in a free country with countless amenities.  These are the outreaches that will be supported through the Workshop Instruction at Windhurst in 2020. Donations are to be collected at each individual workshop or for a group of workshops. Donations made directly to any of the listed ministries WILL NOT be accepted for workshop participation as I will be evaluating the impact that can be made through offering this unique learning opportunity.


* Project Grl



 *  Jesus Well


 *  Feed the Children



 *  Cleft Lip & Pallet Surgeries

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