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Discover how to crush those doubts that are keeping you from riding and enjoying your horse - even out in the BIG WIDE OPEN!

Course Start Date:  September 18th

Learn the competence strategies so you can ...


Competence strategies are the most effective way to get your horse to become more calm and cooperative before you get into a tense situation BUT when you supercharge your competence using TRUST BONDING COMMUNICATION your savvy

becomes unstoppable.

This is the EXACT PROCESS I used to develop solid riding horses for myself, my riding school and to transform many misunderstood horses who needed a reset.  

Bonus! the ripple effect ... you can apply those exact same strategies to any horse (as I did) and solve bad manners, high energy behaviours quickly, easily and BEFORE your horse gets 'out-of-control' and starts showing 'dangerous' defensive actions.

What you're getting inside my complete training course when you INVEST in your future rides!


Competence Strategies that Work

6 skill development packed MODULES   

Module 1:  Hear Your Horse Talk

  • The language of the horse

  • Words and their Uses

  • Building a structure for a conversation

  • Learn the Trust Bonding Communication 

Module 2:  Clarity for Connection

  • Creating Clarity in your language

  • Moderating Your Energy

  • Finding Absolute Neutral

Module 3:  Positive and Progressive

  • How more Yes dissolve No

  • Become Space-Aware

  • Set Up for Success

Module 4:  Overcome Resistance & Evasions

  • Read the Responses

  • Choose Correct Strategies

  • See - Divert - Redirect - Allow

Module 5:  Design Your Journey

  • Looking Ahead Awareness

  • Creating the Best Experience

  • Rewarding and Releasing

Module 6:  Surprises are Tests

  • Become Unflappable

  • Your Bubble of Safety

  • How to Pass Every Test

IF you are already riding and your horse is trained, then what you still need is to ...​

  • understand your horse so you can give it what it really needs to be calm 

  • help it to trust you in those tough situations

  • know what, when and how to keep or regain a connection​

Of course, You DO Have Other Options

HIRE A TRAINER to get the 'bugs' worked out ... 

High costs: $800 - $1,200/month and maybe this will expand to a 90 day plan for your horse.

  • Trainers train horses NOT people!

  • Separation: sending your horse somewhere

  • Added Expenses:  transport fees, your travel costs to visit training sessions

  • Scary Unknowns:  worry about your horse's care, well being and how it is coping.

This option is the most expensive one and you still have to maintain the training once your horse is home again. 


is looking at a very long and perhaps less-than successful road. 

The $$$ are just spread out to thin to make something happen.

Life brings its pot holes and delays end up stealing time from our horses.

RISK TAKERS (a horse rider's natural tendency)

You might say, "Let's see how it goes!" as you hope for the best ride ever ... but you spend the whole time managing problems.

You could take your chances A vest and a helmet will help to minimize the physical impact of a fall but what about lost confidence or - yikes, NEXT TIME!??? 

Catch-ride someone else's horse leaves you more aware of your lack of training, confidence and experience.

Perhaps you ride in groups to feel safer.  What if the herd vibes get out of control suddenly?

The CONSEQUENCES of taking risks could cost you your DREAMS ... Or WORSE!

COST OF MISSED ADVENTURES and the social pleasure.  It's hard to say NO to those fun-filled days.

How will you feel a year from now ... another riding season wasted, friendships dissolved, trips are missed, your personal training is still undeveloped and unachieved?  

Your In-Person Coach vs Your Virtual Coach

In our equine industry there is a lot of resistance to online learning - I get that!  It is nice to have someone "eyes on the ground in real time" to give instant feedback and guidance.

INTERESTING DATA:  Research on the Forgetting Curve shows that within 1 hour learners forget an average of 50% of the information presented; within 24 hours, they forget an average of 70% of that new information; and within a week, they forget up to 90% of what they "learned." That translates into losing a lot of what you got in a personal lesson without a chance to review.

AND ... who isn't grabbing tips from youtube and social media or viewed DVDS on riding and training?

that's visual & virtual BUT without the support of a structured program experience.


COMMUNITY in the private Facebook group during the entire 8 weeks of this course sharing, encouraging, guiding.

DIRECT SOCIAL SUPPORT on group calls as together we add even more content specifically to your needs as you implement and feel your way to progress

INTEGRATING as the group hears feedback and speaks to your questions 

MORE CONNECTION than coaches can give in-person as I guide you through each module

RESOURCE for you to check back for refinement 

RIPPLE EFFECT as you refine your skill helps every horse in your circle of influence

Disclaimer:  This IS for the horse owner can ride and basically handle their horse but who has become

less confident due to behaviours that frustrate, intimidate, discourage and wants to enjoy their horse more safely.

"I feel less anxiety"

I am incredibly impressed with the communication that I am learning with Taima ... I feel less anxiety when handling her which is exactly the result I wanted.


"I've been having breakthroughs"

Lady and I have achieved a connection that works.  I have come to find it’s about you and how you communicate with your horse. Lady is happy and giving and we are living our best partnership. 


"By doing the ground work

I gained even more confidence."

It helped me understand energies and the spacial bubble people and animals have. Energies are very important and where you direct that energy is even more important. Learning to focus and having intent for that energy was fascinating.


"His and my confidence is soo much better!!"

All that work with you has paid off with both riding and driving!  He is much calmer and I can't think of any pull back incidents since I last saw you!


Happy Horse Owners are reporting their success

IMAGINE feeling ...  

  • confident - not afraid

  • happy - not disheartened

  • purpose driven - not overwhelmed

YOUR POSITIVE CHANGE happens when ...

  • your horse respects & understands you

  • your horse is attentive & willing

  • you are a good leader & decision maker


One time Only!

A special offer to join as a FOUNDING MEMBER

is an exclusive opportunity for you to become an active participant and valued contributor so that the content is personalized to meet your needs.

Enrollment Deadline:  September 15th


  • Lesson printable PDF for each exercise inside the modules   $360 

  • Virtual Group Coaching Sessions with me each week  $1000 

  • 2 Bonus Modules - Mastery in the Saddle & Explore the Big Wide Open   $250

  • Planning Guide  - A map for your strategies $30.00 

  • 5 Basic Habits Mini Course - Proven Foundation Building     $47 

  • Bridling Bliss Mini Course - Bridle with Excellence  $47 

  • Private FB Group - a community sharing & encouraging

  • LIFETIME ACCESS + Complimentary UPDATES 


Bonus Module 1: 

Mastery in the Saddle

  • Transfer your ground skills + more

Bonus Module 2: 

Explore the Big Wide Open

  • unexplored areas with competence + more

Making a Change is easy!



Enrollment DEADLINE: September 15th
Program  START DATE: September 18th

The next edition will be valued at   $997.00




for an investment of only $497.00

SO WHY is this Founding Member offer such and awesome investment?

  • Founding Members get the lowest opt-in that this program will EVER be! 

  • AND all complimentary updates included 

Benefits of getting this pilot program now ... besides the great price are

  • mentoring during the program for the entire 6 weeks

  • personalize your progress support

An focused group of no more that 10 members

 and once that enrollment is reached the doors close and class starts.

One time offer... ONLY $497.00 CAD

Approx Conversions:  US $366  Euro $377  Aust. $ 566   NZ $615


Try the course with your horse 

and if you are not satisfied that it will work for you

let me know within 30 days for a 100%  money back guarantee



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I bring the inspiration and education BUT you are the ONLY ONE who can bring the persistence and determination.

This is a Learn By Doing program. 

As you learn to build A TRUST BOND with your horse you can increase your competence and discover a higher level of confidence.

Brenda Robson

Certified Equestrian Coach

National Coaching Certification III

Natural Horse Educator 

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